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A Decade of Crafting Award-Winning Displays


For over 10 years, Adchrome Advertising has elevated events globally with impeccably designed stands. As specialists in conference exhibition stands, trade show floorplans rely on our expertise crafting spaces that foster connection. Whether a compact podium display or sprawling environment, attendees appreciate exhibits crafted to spark engaging experiences.


conference exhibition stands


Versatile Stands for Dynamic Conference Formats


Fluid requirements call for flexible fixtures. Modular designs grant simple reconfiguration between sessions, accommodating shifting content. Interchangeable fabric panels swap branding while durable frames withstand transport. Conference organizers value how our custom modular exhibition stands evolve with programming.


Meanwhile pop up banners provide portable branding. Compact conference pop up banners discreetly advertise in meeting rooms or introduce sponsors in lobbies. Elegant curves define our signature banner for high-impact presence along walkways.

conference exhibition stands

Impressive Staging Solutions


When vision demands scale, expansive environments define your presence as industry leaders. Double-decker exhibition stands and wraparound counters immerse crowds. Intricately lit fabrication and integrated media draws attendees in for memorable moments they’ll share.


Meanwhile plexiglass and touchscreen displays deliver interactive engagement. From 3D projections to GUI interfaces, technological wonders stun on stages large and small with aid from skilled AV partners.


Multi-Sensory Experiences


We craft conferences with dimensionality in mind, deploying multiple outlets for connection. Applied scents or specialized lighting stimulate additional senses. Sleek exhibition counters offer hands-on product trials while lounge areas invite discussion.


Live demonstrations further wow through applied science. Recent examples include lasers, robotics and more – all safely contained through meticulous fabrication.


Proven Event Success Around the World


From TEDTalks to international medical expos, Adchrome stands define premier events globally. Featured in top publications, our groundbreaking designs raise industry standards year after year. In fact, many multi-award receptions originated from pioneering conference builds.


Now serving over 25 countries, clientele attests to unparalleled service delivering immersive exhibits on-time and on-budget. It’s why seasoned planners worldwide entrust event magic to our collaborative team.


Start Planning Your Distinctive Conference Experience


To transform meetings into meaningful moments catalyzing change, trust the specialists in customized conference exhibition stands. Contact us to begin strategizing how intentional design fosters productive programming through every engaging sense. Let’s make your next conference truly unforgettable!








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