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A Decade of Display Dominance in Pakistan


As the leading manufacturer of popup exhibition stands in Pakistan, Adchrome Advertising understands the power of a purposeful presentation. For over 10 years, we have helped clients stand out in the competitive events industry with structurally sound, attractively designed display solutions. Whether you need a portable 2×2 exhibition stand or an architectural 3×3 popup exhibition stand, our technicians have the skills and experience to elevate any exhibit.


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A Wide Array of Stand Sizes


One of our strengths is versatility – we create stands in a variety of dimensions to accommodate any available space. Two standards like the compressed 2m x 2m exhibition stand up to larger formats such as the striking 6×6 exhibition stand. No matter the square footage, our engineers design maximum impact.


The Swiss army knife of dimensions is our beloved 3×3 exhibition stand. Offering ample real estate for branding and exhibits, it seamlessly slots into most convention center plans. We also craft robust 4 x 3 exhibition stands and versatile 3×3 popup stands for clients seeking a broadly effective size.


Endless Configurations and Customizations

popup exhibition stands

Beyond size alone, Adchrome sets the bar in the region with fully customizable stands. Through our in-house 3D modelling software and expert manufacturing capabilities, we bring any vision to life. Integrated lighting, shelving, counters – our craftspeople skillfully assemble even complex requests.


Many museums and collectors entrust us with intricate artefact exhibition stands manufacturing. With utmost care and precision, we construct secure, professionally-finished solutions for invaluable historical items.


Stand Designs that Ignite the Senses


Attractive aesthetics play a big role in captivating today’s audiences. Elegant architectural curves define our celebrated 3×3 curved pop up stand. Its sweeping silhouette demands attention in any aisle. For art exhibitions and shows, our art exhibition display stands provide a flawless stage.


Sleek aluminum frames paired with transparent acrylic panels magnificently showcase artistic works. Additionally, professionals driving impactful art fair display stands admire our illuminated displays and seamlessly integrated printed graphics.


An Inspiring Gallery of Client Work


Browse some highlights of our portfolio online to see innovation in action. From international tech expos to prestigious art shows worldwide, leading enterprises large and small depend on Adchrome displays. Our immerse 6×6 exhibition stands floor entire vendor sections while compact pop-ups effectively brand smaller spaces.


In recognition of groundbreaking designs, we’ve earned “Most Unique Stand” honors at major industry events on the global stage. Nowhere else will you find such creatively-crafted award-winning exhibition stands, especially within Pakistan.


From Concept to Install, We Handle It All


Many exhibitors appreciate that beyond manufacturing, we offer turnkeyevent solutions. System engineers expertly assemble on site or ship completed assemblies worldwide. Our multi-step quality assurance ensures your exhibits arrive and install flawlessly.


For one-time exhibitions, renting displays provides an affordable alternative. Using our in-house rental inventory across sizes – from petite 2×2 stands up through enormous ballroomLinq – minimizes upfront expenses.


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When making memories through visual storytelling, trust the regional leaders with a track record of success. Transform ordinary presentations into unforgettable brand experiences leveraging our premium popup exhibition stands. Browse options, get quotes or discuss custom projects by calling or emailing our support specialists today.






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